Classic French onion soup recipe – How to Make Onion Soup


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  1. Yum! Ok, so I can't use the veal stock and beef (vegetarian). Will do my usual subs that I also use for making gravy etc. But I must ask … no white wine? My grandmothers recipe is pretty much in sync with this, except the bread is toasted in a pan with a bit of butter, then quartered AND … it"s basically 50/50 H2O and Riesling or such for the broth. What's your take on that and what cheese do you prefer? I know this might make a lot of cooks scream but I kinda like a Emmentaler/Gruyere mix (originally born out of a shopping oops). Thanks!

  2. Thank you! I just tried making this soup with most of your directions and it turned out great! I think the part that makes the soup awesome is the onions! I am glad I was patient and slowly slowly cooked it. I added some red wine (a tiny bit) into the veal as well to soften the meat. It turned out great. Thanks for your time 😀

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