Classic French Onion Soup | French Guy Cooking


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  1. When Caterina moved to France, she insisted on bringing to Paris 3 of her favorite cooks from Mugello, a few pastry chefs, and Ruggeri, the famous ice cream maker from Urbino. At court, she created more than a few controversies for her insistence on preserving her Italian tastes and customs. Remember that in 1533, Italy was the apex of the Renaissance, while France’s culinary culture was far from having any relevance.
    Caterina was not fond of the local dishes she found at court and she insisted on asking her own Tuscan chefs to cook, much to the shock, delight and amusement of her French guests. Caterina de Medici introduced to France many Italian dishes and habits that are now considered the hallmark of French culture as Béchamel – Crêpes- Soup d’Oignon and more and more and more… FRENCH  has NO CUISINE  to boast about,… BECAUSE THE FRENCH CUISINE IS THE ITALIAN CUISINE.. AS USUAL THE FRENCH  ENVY WILL NEVER END..

  2. The History of french cuisine ?  Ask Caterina de Medici…Lke it or not Catherine’s arrival from Italy was directly associated  with the foundations of much of modern French cuisine.When she arrived in France she was shocked.. they were used to eat with the the primitives.Catherine de’ Medici introduced a long list of foods, techniques and utensils from Italy to France for the first time

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  4. WARNING! You will fart like a beast for the following 48 hours after eating this. I speak from experience. Three of the neighbours put their houses up for sale because they couldn't stand the noise and the pong.

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