Classic French Dip Sandwich – Recipe


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  1. Philippe’s and Cole’s, two old Los Angeles restaurants, have long debated about which of them invented the French Dip sandwich. Both are good, both dunk the bread into au jus during preparation. However, if you want a bowl of au jus on the side to dip into yourself, go to Cole’s. Philippe’s will not give you extra au jus, not even if you offer to pay extra for it. They feel that it’s not the authentic way of eating a French Dip.

  2. He says, and l quote, ‘God only knows what’s in the pre mix package’ then he IMMEDIATELY tells us what’s in the package. My conclusion is that he is God. Worship him and remember me in heaven. Amen

  3. 凄く美味しいんですよね。ウエスタン・ビーフ・ディップ・サンドイッチ。日本では食べれないのかな?カナダのアルバータ州のバンフで、よく昼食時間に食べていました。懐かしいです。他に人参、ジャガイモ、ピクルス、ミックスベジタブルが添えてあって。値段は$10前後でしたよ。満足感のある適切なプライスだったと記憶しています。

  4. I made this for my family (wich includes some very picky eaters) about 7 months ago and it was a big hit. now it's one of my family favorites. thanks

  5. Thank you so much! Today, before lunch, my husband told me that I'm a great cook EXCEPT for my french dip sandwiches and he said I needed to step it up in that department (lol) so I hit Youtube and found your recipe. I only had 1/3 cup of homemade beef gravy that I added to my homemade beef broth. I didn't have onion soup mix so I simply added real sweet onion slices and sliced elephant garlic to my Au Jus and meat and simmered it all together on med high for 6 minutes until the onions were slightly translucent and garlic was fragrant and softened.
    I then toasted my hoagee rolls in the oven with the Swiss cheese on them first BEFORE adding the beef and that way, the bun didn't get too soggy right out of the gate. The cheese kind of acted as a moisture barrier so it wasn't quite as messy.  
    The hubby raved!!!!  He said it's a new favorite…and I owe it to you. Thanks again!

  6. This sounds awesome!! I would suggest using actual fresh, crusty french bread instead of packaged, over-processed "bread", it will make all the difference in the world!!

  7. The best sandwich we've ever had. I make this every Sunday. Family favorite. And I make fries and with the extra gravy I put a little mayo on the fries and then pour the gravy on the fries…. We love it. Not healthy but so easy and great to make thanks Rusty! And burning cereal crew!

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