Classic French Chicken Supreme Recipe @Chicken Recipes


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  1. Did you touch the raw chicken then dip you fingers into your tub of pepper.. I believed your not supposed to touch anything in the kitchen after handling chicken due to contamination from raw poultry which will now be inside the pepper. Maybe I'm wrong but it's what I was taught

  2. Looks delicious, Keef. I had what they called a "suprême de volaille" in Lyon last year which was a de-boned leg and thigh disguised as an un-de-boned leg and thigh. It was very pleasant to cut into it and encounter no bone. On YouTube I found a guy who de-bones a whole chicken carcass. Looks tricky…

  3. As a french, I can help you for some vocabulary: The chicken breast is called "Blanc de Poulet" Which means "White of Chicken". The supreme (Suprême) is indeed the breast and the base of the wing. I hope it will help you 🙂

  4. I need to start cooking propper meals again for the last 4 months i have been living off micriwave food at some point i just stopped preparing food.

  5. wonder if you can help, or anyone out there can, I used to love the chicken supreme the British army made with rice however can not find the recipe anywhere, would love if you could not only find it but show us how to prepare it. desperate ex army squaddie.

  6. Thanks chef, this meal is lovely! I will cook it as soon as my broken toe heals so I can stand up on my foot and head to the kitchen. But need to know how did you prepared those potatoes, they look good to eat!

  7. Extremely good recipe . I really love it, and tried something like that in a very expensive Moscow restaurant. The only difference was that they used a famous white mushrooms for their creamy sauce. (And I think it also was a bit of pesto sauce, it's not authentic , but it's also extremely tasty)

  8. For some reason YouTube won't let me reply directly to Passionfruitfruit, but here's the answer, maybe you'll see it. I'm not sure what you mean by 'sweet cream'. I just used normal cooking cream – known as single cream in the UK – it's not soured, neither is it sweetened in any way. Hope this helps!

  9. Dear Keef, what a lovely recipe, as usual. They do not sell chicken breast with skin on where I live. I'll have to buy a whole chicken and portion it – but I will do it, because your recipe is definitely worth it. You did use sweet cream, not the sour one, didn't you?

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