Christmas Roasted Pork Loin & perfect Crackling How to make recipe


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  1. I am Danish, and have eaten roast pork for Christmas all my life, and I can only say that you have failed, and make it wrong (in my eyes), sorry…., we all make food in aΒ different way,Β but nice try!

  2. The extra cracking looked scary as the bit you put on top at the end looked like a hand. Other than that I shall follow it as you advised and see. Let you know later.

  3. Damn, this made me miss my pre Jamie Oliver school dinners. Some kind of roast meat or chicken, roast potatoes and cabbage with loads of gravy and cake and custard for dessert. My parents never made English food so all my find English food memories are from school dinners

  4. You're an excellent instructor. I needed a refresher course on cooking this since I rarely can find pork with the bones and crackling where I live. I was fortunate to find it this time and feel confident enough to cook it thanks to your great instructions. Many thanks!

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