Christmas Breakfast Recipes


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  1. I really love how you give reasons why to do something and explain the importance. For example when you explained why you need to add warm water (over 110 degrees, yet not over 125 degrees).

  2. Should I use baking soda for the bread? That’s what the recipe calls for, but baking powder is what makes bread rise and baking soda makes things spread. So should I use baking powder instead?

  3. Thank you so much for this video!
    I am going to host a Christmas breakfast for school and I wanted some fresh and new recipes, since we always had the same thing. I really want to make it special so that it's worth the time and so that people are truly united, so thank you so much again! I am sure everyone will love these recipes. I know that I do 😉

  4. I changed spices for fillings to Persian baking spice mixes and decreased butter to one stick. The sticky buns became a big hit. I added Irish Cream to whip cream and it made it fantastic.

  5. I loved this!! I'm definitely going to be making one (If not all!) of these for Christmas Breakfast, I made Beth's Almond Croissants last year and they were amazing!!!

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