Chris Makes Spicy-Sweet Sambal Pork Noodles | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


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  1. I love the little relationships. Andy and Chris have a serious love and respect thing going on. Claire and Brad are so close to banging, you can feel the sexual tension. Gabby just loves everyone and everything. Molly, well, I love Molly.

  2. Love, like, your knowledge, like and, like, expertise, like. But, like, it’s really, like, hard, like to listen, like to you, like, explain, like the recipe. Like, you, like, know? Like.

  3. Can you all please make a show where you get recipes from people's family (a link where people can send recipes) then you try to improve it with testing and trials. Then, have others in the test kitchen decide which is better. That way its a test to see if the chefs can improve family recipes and make new items. Does this make sense? I would love to see this as a real thing! Maybe with Chris, Claire, or Brad hosting it but really anyone with a good, engaging personality.

  4. Chris always seems like he is either a better chef or a better educator than the others. Really walks us through the technique. I feel like his videos I can watch once all the way through, then go cook it without having to check back.

  5. "I feel like this dish is the answer to the question of what would happen if Ragu alla Bolognese got together with drunken noodles and had a little noodle baby" MY FAVORITE QUOTE

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