Chocolate Paan Recipe – Choco Meetha Pan Indian Street Food – CookingShooking


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  1. Hi yaman it's always treat at ur channel .U are a perfectionist at cooking.i tried most of recipes, very happy that all leaves me with lots of compliments from family and friends.i request u to please share chitale famous bakarwadi.

  2. aman it's good but i m from surat native from jamnagar gujrat. jamnagar is gujrat's most famous city specially for pan , some main ingredient is missing i tell u 1. BABA rajratan chatani it is costly. 2. khajur katli 3. laxmi tablet 4. sweet salli supari after u test pure gujrati pan mouth freshener

  3. Plzzzz plzzzz yaman….dark chocolate bnana sikha den with co coa powder..maine booht bar bnaya hai dark chocolate bt tast bilkul acha nai ata aur sugar bhi melt nai hoti plzzzz perfect dark chocolate bnana sikha den …

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