Chocolate Goodness – French Dessert Recipes


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  1. Hey Wife of Bill!!

    How do you manage to love bill? I find it difficult to find a woman, even with my recent "improvement" in salmon making technique, because i lack fingers and a fully functional brain. Do you just ignore his random seizures? Do you feel that you, as a wife, benefit by having an advantage in all tasks that involve thinking? Please post a video titled, "What to Expect When Dating an Amazing Brain Damaged Chef" with tips on finding someone

    Thank you from the Brain Damaged.

  2. well, it was a pleasure to help, but my name is not amanda, my name is erik, and it depends, if you are using a convnetion oven, the temperatur is going to be different from the conventional oven, I thik is about 5F of differnece, but I'm not so sure. you can look up on the internet and look for hte right temperatures for your ove, most of hte time temperature is a major issue for some people.

  3. Thank you so very much Amanda, Honey, I have a convection oven, should i NOT use the fan portion? Is that part of my issue?
    thank you for letting me know what to do!!
    If you can help me figure out why my quiches do not cook well in the convection ovenI would Greatly appreciate it!! They cook on the outside but are raw inside. My oven is causing me to not cook as well as I used to, I am not used to the fan. Should I turn it off and then back on at another point?
    Thank you so much, Grace!!

  4. ok, to aoid the fallin of the pastries you let them rest in the oven for at least 15 after they are done, do not open the oven, and reduce the temperature, but don't lethem burn, then let them rest for nother 15 minuts with the oven turned off, then takethem out and make a tyne hole with a tooth pic, then they are ready to go
    good luck and I hope that it helps.

  5. Amanda, I have never been able to get ANY recipe like this to work, They puff up but fall in the oven at the end. I wonder why that happens to me all the time. I will try this for it is my husband's very favorite dessert! How would I cook this in a oven that has a heat fan, should I drop the temp?
    Plus… a request.. Do you have a good chocolate mousse recipe that has NO RAW eggs in it? I would love to make this for him for our 25th anniversary. blessings, grace

  6. another excellent demonstration, i might try it too (y'all are responsible for any future weight gain you know).
    i also appreciate the pronunciation of the french terms, i can read and understand what they are, but don't know how to pronounce them! 😉

  7. aww Chef B-thanks so much! i feel honored you are doing (or your wife is doing) a chocolate recipe! oh ya-now definitely making these! favin this

  8. Oh, no. You're supposed to show us hard to make recipes that I could never make on my own. I'm going to have to try this and eat it myself. This is bad. This is very bad.

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