Chocolate Coffee Tiramisu – Italian Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 252


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  1. Hey Alia, great recipes as always! I wanna try this one but i don't have whipping cream…i can only find the chantilly powder box or creme fraîche where i live. Which one can i replace it with? Thanks!!!

  2. so for the egg yolks, you have to follow the recipe exactly. If you want to change the number of egg yolks, then you have to change the rest (you can divide all the ingredients by half for example).
    As for the oven, this is a difficult question, because every oven type and every brand is different! You'll have to follow the instructions of the oven you have – it should say in its book (or website) how to use it, and what the temperatures should be for the different dishes.

  3. Alia you're the best and proud of you as a Moroccan 🙂 i have a question and a request,my question is : is it possible to use for example only 2 or 3 egg yolks instead of 4 or 5? And my request is : Would you please make a special video to show us how to use the oven !! I have an electric oven with many choices and i don't know what to use for each recipe,for example when cooking a cake should i use the heat from up and bottom or only the botton,same for macarons or fish or even pizza or quiche

  4. Hi Alia, I made this recipe and it came out perfect. I just added a little rum essence to the coffee mixure, and a bit of vanilla extract to the heavy cream. The result was delicious. Thanks for showing us a great recipe.

  5. pour l'instant vous pouvez traduire mes recettes en deux facons:
    1- presque toutes mes recettes ont des sous-titres en anglais. Cliquez le bouton "CC" sous les videos pour traduire les sous-titres en la langue de votre choix.
    2- aussi, cherchez sur YouTube "cookingwithalia how to translate my recipes". Cette video montre comment traduire mes recettes ecrites

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