Chinese/Korean Braised Shortribs (professional restaurant recipe)


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  1. I had a very hard time finding Shaoxing and Madeira wine. Please would you be able to inform me how long can I keep them after opening? Should I put any of them in the fridge after opening. Does their flavor deteriorate at any point beyond usable or do they become poisonous? I found some answers online, but frankly I can't rely on any of them.

  2. tasted great even tho the bone fell off the meat after removing it from the liquid. so i have the braising liquid, i got rid of that gross hard fat layer, should i reduce it further because theres quite a lot of liquid like 3 cups or so worth maybe.

  3. I've always been curious as to why water as opposed to stock is added to these Chinese braised dishes.  Do you have any thoughts on  the matter?  This dish and pretty much everything on your channel looks fantastic as well!

  4. It's really hard to find beef shortribs in Holland, unless I place an order which takes a week. So can I replace it maybe a with different part of beef? I do have lamb ribs, but I'm not sure if that fits this recipe. I have Chinese friends coming friday and I'm planning to make this dish for them. Of course I will tell them that this is a Korean dish and see how they react lol.

  5. They have some interesting vinegars of their own if you have a Korean store in your area. I found a green pear vinegar that was great, but I only saw it that one time. Otherwise I guess just use rice vinegar to taste.

  6. You talk all you want! I remember you getting your ass tanned when you destoyed moms brand new pot trying to make your version of "peanutbutter frosting". It looked like something created in a lab to use as a chemical weapon!

  7. Hey, I know you! lol. I told you this guy was good. I think if you listen to this video, the total cooking time was 2.5 hours, not 2.5 days. Come to my house and I will go over the decimal system with you again…lmao. Glad your watching his videos, see you this weekend

  8. My son turned 17 today, and I made this dish with my version of fried rice. Its fabulous, but I know I am not a chef, because I tried like hell to make the final product look like yours after the plating, but it looked like a slab of meat over a bone, I was horrible at presentation but it was very good. My son said….."my compliments to the original chef"

  9. Thanks for the post. I like this so much better than looking at a recipe. It reminds me of when I worked in restaurant kitchens. I'd scribble down any ingredients that I might need to be reminded of and maybe take a note or two when it came to technique or "why" something was done (like the carrots in your short ribs). I'm going to throw this together sometime this week.

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