Chinese Sweet And Sour Pork (Authentic Chinese Recipe)


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  1. Thanks for your request to do a chicken spinach dumpling. It might not be exactly like the dumpling master restaurant, but we will try. Thanks for viewing my video on Sweet And Sour Pork.

  2. Thanks to this and your Chicken Mushroom Egg Foo Young videos, I am now a subscriber. It seems like authentic Chinese cooking is much healthier than what is passed off as Chinese food here in many US take out places try to sell. Your mom is awesome, by the way!

  3. Great to hear you like my video and also to make some dishes. Thanks for checking out my video on Sweet And Sour Pork. Edmonton Oilers is a team that is getting stronger and will be a powerhouse in years to come.

  4. Yes, my mother is very smart. She knows how to cook many dishes. Thanks for your kind words. My mom and I thank you for checking out our video on Sweet And Sour Pork.

  5. Great to hear you like my video on sweet and sour pork. My mom did a video for steamed black bean spareribs. If you check my channel homepage, it should be under a playlist. I believe it's under Chinese Village Recipes. It should also be under Tradtitional Chinese Cooking if you do a search. Thanks for your continued support.

  6. Great job as usual. I can't wait to try it. Have you ever filmed a black bean spare rib recipe? I'll check your previous vids. Tonight I have some small spare ribs. I could use this recipe also. Thanks again.

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