Chinese Stir Fried Vegetable Lo Mein Noodles Recipe 青菜炒麵 by CiCi Li


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  1. Will you please show how to pull noodles, I've seen people do that many times but no one gives a good explanation. It looks fun, like spinning pizza dough which I also can't do… Well, can't do competently.

  2. I have made this three times these past 3 months. I actually did and liked a recipe on youtbe this is amazing thank you. I hope if i go to the US one day i can go to your restaurant

  3. 45 second or minutes..??….45 minutes the raw wet noodle will dissolve and become a porridge i am afraid and use chopstick when you cook so the noodle will not brake..and shake the wok once in a while and spin the wok if needed ( optional )

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