Chinese Steamed Pork Patty (Mom’s Authentic Chinese Recipe)


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  1. Thank you for the old school from scratch demo. Iʻll stick to ground pork like you since itʻs faster prep time. I use my hands to shape and make a more compressed texture only because I like it that way and add the salted duck egg on top after steamed. This is one of my go toʻs along with salt and pepper pork chops. Iʻm sooooo happy Mom and you shared this…..

  2. Thanks for all these videos. As a second generation ABC of Toisan and Hainanese heritage, this recipe is really nostalgic. My grandmother used to make it this way and I loved her recipe the best. It just has that smooth and deep delicious flavor. 😀 Thanks again! Your mom is adorable!

  3. Putting noodles in the pork patty sounds like a great idea. I've never tried it this way but this seems like something I would enjoy trying. Thanks for viewing my video on Chinese pork patty.

  4. there are so many versions of this. I personally like to use less meat just for the health factor so I always chop in a pack of glass noodles into the mix as a filler

  5. The double cleaver- that is an art in itself. I remember seeing the double cleaver a few times. Never thought about using ground turkey but that sounds like a good idea. Thanks for checking out this video.

  6. Yumms Chinese comfort food! I rememeber as a kid my gramppa would chop the meat with 2 cleavers. I love the crunch of the water chestnuts! I make it now with ground turkey meat.

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