Chinese Steamed Chicken And Mushrooms: Authentic Chinese Recipe


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  1. This looks soooooooooooogood .making it today . My daughter turn me on to the black mushrooms last Friday,I got them Saturday. I got my chicken. Marinating right now which has been overnight,can,t wait till I get home from work this evening,going to fix me some brown rice to go with it and a salad maybe.thank you and mom.

  2. Wow, I've been making this dish for many years, except for, I do not steam it. I boil the chicken with ginger first on medium heat (simmer) for 30 minutes at least and skim the fat; then add the dates, mushrooms and boil it for at least another 30 minutes; preferably one more hour on simmer -medium low heat so the meat is tender and the flavors boil together. I add a little salt near the last 20 minutes; and I also add light soy sauce (not too much) to bring out the flavors of everything. I watched my Taiwanese friend make this soup many years ago in college; and I came up with my own version, but it's pretty tastey when you're sick or even if you are not sick. The broth is delicious!!! I eat it with rice.

  3. I just made this…its so yummy….thank you for posting your mom's cooking….she is a great cook and I notice she uses very less oil….love it!!!! I am going through all the videos thank you again.

  4. That's right. Some viewers have also confirmed that these berries are called goji berries. I saw a show recently where they added goji berries to a smoothie. Thanks for viewing my video.

  5. You're very welcome. I'm so glad you made my mom's recipe for Chinese steamed chicken and mushrooms. I'm also so happy that your family enjoyed the dish after you made it. We'll be uploading more videos soon. Thanks for your kind words and thanks for your support for my channel.

  6. Ur homely healthy recipe using chinese herbs on chicken is superb. Our family.enjoyed d dish u demonstrated. please load up more for us to learn n enjoy! Thank u very much!

  7. Thanks for pointing out that "gei do" is also known as wolfberries. It's good to know they are rich in anti-oxidants. Thanks for checking out my video on Chinese chicken and mushrooms.

  8. Thanks for telling me that gei doo is from the gow gei plant. I didn't know that. I should be posting a video on Gow Gei soup soon, because my mom makes that often. I had some in China on my recent trip. Thanks for checking out this video and for your comments.

  9. Yums! "Gei doo" is also from the "Gow Gei" plant. I'm sure your mom has made Gow Gei soup before…it is suppose to replenish blood (iron). My mom use to make it with pork liver. Yummy!
    Those are hugeeeeeee gei do your mom is cooking with!

  10. Thanks for the research. I believe a lot of us grew up seeing those herbs and never asked. This stuff is not in the English language Chinese cook books. Your recipes are very authentic home style Chinese food.

  11. My mom has other recipes with different herbs. I think I should look up the names before I do the next video. One restaurant in Hoiping, China called the herbs "crude drugs" ie. crude drugs chicken on their menu. Thanks for your interest and for viewing my video.

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