Chinese Seafood Hot and Sour Soup Recipe 海鮮酸辣湯 by CiCi Li


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  1. Cici, could you tell me please how much % does your white vinegar has? I live in Germany and we've got so many different kind of vinegars. I just don't know what kind of I should use.

  2. I'm craving for this soup since one week. Don't know what kind of nutrition my body doesn't have at the moment but the only thing I can think of is about this soup. Seriously. Longing for it so much.

  3. the fire under the wok is crazy! same with the autogen english subtitles lol! we do an abbreviated version of this when my kids are sick because the vinegar and ginger soothes their throats and makes them feel better. it's an alternative to chicken soup.

  4. it looks extraordinary delicious, but it could be great if you wrote the name of ingredients, as it is very noisy in this kitchen and many of us are unfamiliar with this ingredients and it makes it difficult to learn this ingredients.

  5. I make a very similar version using pork instead of seafood. My version very closely matches this one and it is not only delicious but is great if you have a cold. You can also add Thai peppers (ground) to raise the heat a bit.

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