Chinese Roast Duck – Rotisserie Grilled Duck – Chinese Food Recipe


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  1. good vid ! I did not tie my duck up , I held it together by the rotisserie hooks and stuffed it with lemons . it was my fist cooked duck and I made a vid of it and keep it simple

  2. I never ate or bought duck meat but people say that it Taste's like chicken . is that true ? Where can I buy duck meat? is it expensive ?

    p.s I apologize for asking so many questions I was just curious.

  3. Awesome job on that duck, Brother!!! I am definitely going to do that one very soon. That Napoleon is a real beauty too, way too rich for my blood. The Napoleon headquarters and main factory is just a few miles from me, here in Canada.

  4. I would love to do rotisserie but money is an issue so maybe I'll be searching for DIY plans to build my own. Looks great and I'm sure it tasted even better. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow . . .  that DOES look pretty good, Wolfie!   :-0    Beautiful golden brown color, too.
    I only tried duck once and didn't like it very much, but the way you cook it here makes it seem MUCH more appetizing!   Thanks and thumbs up,   Norfolk Joe  🙂

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