Chinese Pork Spareribs (Traditional Chinese Recipe)


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  1. A lot of Chinese bbq stores and Chinese restaurants use food colour in their spareribs and char siu bbq pork. A lot of these recipes use hoisin as one of their marinades and sometimes include ketsup as well. We'll try and make one of those types of recipes in the future. Thanks for your comments and thanks for viewing my video on Chinese Spareribs.

  2. Do you have a recipe for spareribs that's red like it has been marinated in food coloring? I like the Oriental spareribs I buy at a neighborhood Chinese restaurant-so flavorful. Thanks!

  3. Good Morning, Dan! I'm enjoying a few more of your vids before I start a hectic day of shopping! It is very wonderful that you are preserving your Mother's recipe's this way. Does she make a corn and minced pork soup? It was always one of my fav's in the old timey Chinese restaurants. Thanks again.

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