Chinese Pork Belly Recipe by Master Chef to Excite Your Tastebuds


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  1. This is a classic Chinese Pork Belly dish, named 走油肉 (Zou You Rou), from the Jiangsu & Zhejiang provinces for celebrating Chinese New Year.

    Family is the basis of the Chinese culture, which is seen through the significance placed on the New Year’s Reunion dinner. This feast is extremely important to the Chinese.

    Food is one of the things that the Chinese take the most pride in. And of course, lot of time, care, and thought is put into the menu for the most important holiday of the year.

  2. It is like my lengthy research on "Secret of Words", which will be most delicious to enjoy in this dull subject.
    I ate this kind but may not this good, once in my relative's house. The surviving wife of the former #5 leader of China said that "Chairman Mao praised us for using unshared chopsticks for hygiene." Mao ate his favored dish at his comrade-in-battle's house.

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