Chinese New Year Lucky Soup (Authentic Chinese Recipe) Traditional Chinese Cooking


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  1. dan: thank you for much for helping us learn more about traditional chinese cooking. I am hoping you can help me. my parents are from toisan . my parents have died a while ago, and i have been trying to find a receipe for brain soup — it probably wasn't a soup as much as it was brain cooked in a double boiler or steamed with medicinal herbs. i know it was a long and tedious process and my mom would only make this on special occasions. any idea of the dish i am refering to? thank you again for all your work
    esther wu

  2. We have a similiar recipe but we put pork maw (stomach) into it. Other ingredients are gingko nuts, dried shitake mushrooms, pork bones, ginger, red dates and dried soy bean curd. FYI that is not a pig tongue your mom put in the soup. That is a pig spleen (gee wang li). It has similiar sound of tongue.

  3. Gong Hay Fat Choy! 🙂 My mom doesn't make these Lunar New Year soups anymore, but i remember these so very fondly. I miss them so much! Hope you and your family had a wonderful New Year! =D Happy New Year!

  4. interesting soup, glad you explain the meanings behind each ingredients. What is the one looks like hair called in Chinese, "Fa Cai" or what? as we hardly use it in Hunan and Sichuan. thanks:)

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