Chinese Melon Soup (Authentic Chinese Recipe)


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  1. I am a Cantonese in Hong Kong. I can tell you that your method for this soup is totally wrong. You should put all the ingredients to the water after the water was boiled.

  2. Your mom know how to cook all these soups, We cook the same way she cooked. I love soups, I will try the way she cook its look easy and healthy. Thank you very much. I give her a thump up.

  3. I just love your mom! She is a real, traditional lady from our heritage. I miss my relatives who have passed on now and took many of these cooking recipes with them ( I was too busy enjoying their cooked meals to learn how to cook!). I was told to make this soup before winter comes so we can be protected from colds, flus, etc. Not sure if there's real truth to that, because I haven't made this soup on a consistent basis. I appreciate you sharing your mom's recipe though.

  4. I got a hairy melon and was searching the internet for some inspiration.  I like this reminder, which is much like what I grew up with as a VN immigrant boy.

  5. It seems "abobrinha" is used in salads. It seems it might be similar to a cucumber. I've never actually eaten the hairy melon when it was raw. Next time I'll try it raw just to see what it tastes like. Thanks for your support.

  6. Oh ok, so it's probably what i thought, i think it is what we call in Brazil "abobrinha". If you check some images on google you will see the similarity. Your videos are great, thanks for sharing 😉

  7. You can substitute different kinds of Chinese melon for this recipe. The winter melon is large, like a watermelon in size, so you can just buy a chunk of it. Thanks for checking out my video on Chinese Melon Soup and thanks for your continued support.

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