Chinese Hot And Sour Soup Recipe


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  1. I make it the same way most often. However sometimes I add tofu since my family loves tofu in it. Just like Jambalaya and Gumbo, not everyone in China makes it the same.
    No matter it's all good though as long as it's hot and sour. Most often I'll cook hot and sour soup when sick or on a very cold day here in Alaska in the winter.
    Funny thing is when it gets hot here in Alaska the hot and sour soup cools me off. Not really sure why that happens. Maybe you can explain that one to me Glen.

  2. great thanks! my favorite Chinese place is closing and they're moving back to their home country. . I am tempted to ask them for their recipe for hot and sour soup and their pad Thai. .. I'd pay…. lol! I'm so depressed I eat there once a week and I live in a small town, your soup looks on par to what they serve… although I noticed there tiny little meat chunks the size of minced garlic… what do you think that is? is a dark brown and almost looked like a mushroom but it's meat. thanks for your help! !!

  3. So glad I saw your recipe for this Hot and Sour Chines soup recipe. I Love this soup and am now anxious to give it a try in my cooking! It looks perfect, I loved your ingredients and will try it out soon! Thanks Chef Glenn!

  4. I finally worked up the guts to try it after being disappointed with the inconsistency of restaurants. I LOVE IT!!! Next time I'll come off the pepper a lil but over all I'm very pleased. Thanks Bald Chef! It's nice to know that I can have my favorite soup anytime I want now.

  5. Just made this and it is awesome. I will adjust the recipe for about half of the white pepper and Szechuan chili during warmer weather, but this is a killer winter soup as-is. Couldn't find the wood ear mushroom, so substituted with shiitakes. Also had to improvise with tofu sticks rather than the extra firm, but I think I like that just as much. As ever, thanks for sharing!

  6. Awesome video sir! I'm going to try this without the pork. I'm cutting most meats out of my diet for a while as I drop some weight and get healthy. I may even try a hot only soup based on this!

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