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  1. This is what you wear to visit your grandma and grandpa? I’m Asian and my grandparents would consider it very disrespectful since it’s not in our culture to dress this way in front of our elders! Learn your culture – ignorant fool!

  2. First time commenting and I love watching your videos but I have to say that this one is my favorite so far. As simple as it is, just watching you with your grand parents… love it xoxo from Belgium

  3. That’s crazy! The part where you say your grandparents never want you to clean 😪 girl! Growing up, us kids had no choice! We always clean whatever our grandma and the rest of our elders need. My moms side of the family is Navajo & Mexican so us cousins grew up as sisters. We NEVER call each other “cousins” and when we used to get in trouble, OH FORGET ABOUT IT! Grandma, uncle, auntie, mom, dad, whoever was closest would whoop our butts lol everyone’s parents were everyone’s parents lol but anyways, yeah. RIGHT after we get done eating, the kids would be the ones cleaning up the kitchen. Even cooking for everyone. We were all expected to know how to make frybread by the time we hit 12. Even younger. My mom made sure we all new what to do in the kitchen so we don’t look stupid whenever we go out into the world. We need to know our language, our culture, how to cook from scratch, and how to respect. Mom drilled it into all of us kids.

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