Chinese Eggplant Recipe w/ Sweet Sauce


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  1. oooh chef Buck I'm a fan of your recipes now.This is my first time logged on to your post and I love this general tso eggplant.Will be watching your posts from now on.Thankyou

  2. i'm growing eggplant this year in my gardening, and one variety i'm growing is this Chinese eggplant. i was looking around for different recipes to try with them when harvest time comes, and i think i'll have to try this! looks yummy 😀

  3. I made this recipe last night and it was AWESOME!  My whole family loved it.  This is now my go to recipe for Chinese Eggplant.  This recipe makes me want to open a restaurant.

  4. I've got an Indian-style eggplant curry dish in my vegetarian playlist called Baingan Bharta –it's one of my favorite ways to use a thick-skinned aubergine eggplant

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