Chinese Egg Roll Recipe With Shrimp


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  1. Looks great. U make me never want to order an eggroll again. I rather make it. But I'm not happy that u made me so hungry right now and I don't have all the ingredients. Lol. Big like and will try this recipe

  2. I just made some cheesesteak eggrolls the other day for the first time and I wanted to find a great shrimp veggie roll and I think I just found it!  I'm going to make this tomorrow thanks!

  3. I'm not a fan of the 5 spice powder, I try to cook with it but, I just don't care for it. I know different brands have different spices in them , but I just don't care for them.  Also hoisin  sauce, seems to have that flavor in it too.  Love Chinese food though.

  4. For more about this Chinese Egg Roll Recipe see Egg Rolls or Spring Rolls are a great Chinese appetizer. This recipe by The bald Chef shows you how to make shrimp egg rolls step by step. These egg rolls can be used as finger food for any party and they taste great. Better taste for this recipe than you can get in any Chinese restaurant. This is a easy recipe to make and you will find it quite tasty.

  5. Thanks for the comment and this is a Awesome recipe for real Chinese Egg Rolls. This beats any cheap recipe you will find in a Chinese carryout restaurant. The felling of shrimp and fresh vegetables makes this a easy yet tasty appetizer.

  6. Thanks for checking in and watching " The Chinese Egg Roll Video" This is a easy recipe to cook and it tastes better than those non flavored Egg Rolls you get a t any old Chinese restaurant. Thanks for the comment!

  7. Man, that looks delicious! . . . yum-yum, I love shrimp egg rolls! *lol* always get 'em when I order Chinese take out! 🙂

    (along with the fortune cookies! )

    Thanks Glen for another great video!

    All best, Jersey Joe 🙂

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