Chinese Dumplings – Jiaozi Recipe


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  1. Why do so many YouTube posters feel the need to inflict the viewer with LOUD suck ass racket that someone calls music? IF you knew anything about what you were doing, you would shut that shit off and talk like someone who knows something. But noooo. You have to put words on the screen and play loud shit music. TOTAL FAIL. OH! And learn how to properly fold your dumplings. Yours are so ugly. Many other videos on YouTube for you to watch and learn the proper way.

  2. Just accidentally came across your site…fantastic…love the mixture of nationality food… you know so many asian receipes? You dont look also any asian to me..mix kwai loh half and half asian? Btw subscribed..

  3. 我想知道你是怎么上youtube的?我觉得他已经包的很好了,你包的好因为你他妈的说的是中文。I think he did a well done job , not like you ,just a no humble man. go home to eat your mother shit.

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