Chinese Crispy Pork Belly – 脆皮燒肉 – Morgane Recipes


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  1. Sorry i wanna ask , how long the pork will crispy ? Sorry my english so bad. Can the pork keep crispy all day? If i cook in the morning and will eat again in the night? How can i keep the crispy taste? Please answer. GBU

  2. i made this and tried to follow the recipe as much as i could, but it came out SUPER salty. it had really good flavor but after a few bites i couldn't finish it. any ideas on what i could have done wrong? id like to try it again.

  3. I tried another recipe. Mine came out flavorful but the skin did not crisp up at all and it was rock hard. I put it on hi broil for the last 15 minutes. What did I do wrong? I did not poke the skin with little holes though. It wasnt in the instructions.

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