CHINESE CHIVES DUMPLINGS recipe – YANYUM 4 (饺子 교자 중국 만두 餃子)


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  1. Hmmmm. I do not eat port because of my religion, but I think these would be great with ground sirloin and ground chuck, or even ground dark meat chicken, or some combination of these. All those chives! It can't miss. Thanks for sharing authentic technique as well. Great video.

  2. I know Chinese cooking isn't always about measuring, but can you tell me approximately how much water you added? I don't need to make this many so I will be cutting this in half and I want to be SURE I get the right consistency dough. So how much water for the 8 cups of flour?

  3. Patrick…8 cups flours, 3 lbs. pork?! ….your viewers aren't making a hundred for a restaurant. Why not quarter your recipes for a more realistic amount for most homes…. IMO you should have more pleats. Otherwise looks delicious.

  4. i know slurping your NOODLES. (not dumpling!) is a sign of respect in your culture But THAT NOISE FUCK!! right now i feel like my nutsack is going through a paper shredder. Its like im a starving bear that sees you eating them in front of me (slurp slurp slurp) sounds like your sucking a dick; and doing a bad job at that

  5. How come its addicting to watch the different styles on how to make them and to eat dumplings, it has to be a crime,     dumplings are like potato chips, one cant eat just one but a whole bowl of dumplings.      like the idea of using chives,  I use bok choy          with your music you have playing, its like food porn, especially at the end when you take a bite,       awesome video

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