Chinese Chicken Chop Suey Recipe


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  2. Another master piece .. looks awesome .  This is where i don't have much knowledge in Chinese food. Mainly i can't fine the wines and ingredients, i have to make it or grow it. It make me mad at the stores for not having it! They think all you need is rice and soy sauce. I love Chinese Foods

  3. Looks grate Glen but confusing as hell ….hey buddy check at my micro-tater and see what ya think on the Mouth-watering 3-minute midnight snack versus this 10 step China Suey)….Cheers, Shane)

  4. Hey Glen, when  I was a kid, our mom used to make "Chinese" once a week . . . she opened a can of "Chun King" (remember the two cans taped together?)  <lol>   😛
    Anyway, seriously, your version looks much better of course   . . .  Asian dishes look and taste very exotic and I always enjoy them.   You sure have developed a significant amount of expertise in this area!   Thanks and thumbs up as always,   Norfolk Joe   🙂

  5. I always get confused on what is chow mein, lo mein or chop suey. Doesn',t matter though, they all good eats. I like pho and soba noodles to. Looks good Glen. I may just make some kind of Chinese food next week.

  6. Glen outstanding…I'm saving the video. I have never ordered this in a Chinese restaurant before. this is really the first time I've ever heard of chicken chop suey to be honest with you. I love Asian cuisine, definitely this dish will be put to the test. But, your plate looks good my friend

  7. Thank you for such a healthy, fun and wonderful dish. We will probably omit the noodles, as my husband has diabetes but with all the goodies you have in there, who would miss them? Great recipe, as always! I always look forward to your wonderful and informative uploads. Take care, Wendy and Jonathan

  8. Glen, how I love that wok-like skillet you have! It's perfect for your chop suey. For some reason I thought this recipe would be complicated and over my head. You showed that it's within the abilities of most anyone! You are a master of making noodles out of wonton wrappers! That is about the cleverest thing I've ever seen on YouTube! In the end, it looked much better than Chinese carryout! Top-Chef job again, my friend! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  9. Great video Glen, love chicken chop suey. I remember growing up and eating the stuff in a Chinese restaurant and loving it. I know it's not true Chinese food more Americanized than Chinese but so tasty. Definitely going to try your recipe it looks wonderful.

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