Chinese Braised Pork Belly Recipe


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  1. Searing the pork belly pieces minimizes the protein/blood residue during the braise and might save you from having the clean off the pieces. It won't be as clean, but I like creating some color before braising.

  2. Very good idea for sandwich filling. This recipe is a bit untraditional chinese. Traditional recipe for serving with rice has additionalky anise stars what makes nice flavour. 

  3. That is close to korean fewwwdz  LOL!  Thank you for sharing that…  I have pork belly in my freezer and wanted to make this, after living in china for forever and I wanted to make sure I did it right….  the way I learned was to fry it and then boil it in soy sauce and water for a few hours…  This sounds great and need to do this way….  my version didn't have as many flavors with the ginger and green onions

  4. No, Annie, wrong. Where's star anise? Where's garlic? And remember, no ginger here, in traditional Chinese cooking nobody's using ginger while cooking wuhuarou, because meat is to delicate to simmer with ginger for so long. Go, do your homework.

  5. Great recipe, had an idea in mind but couldn't find anything to back up what I had in mind, this is it and much more…..try this, it is beautiful.
    Ps/ try a little hoisin sauce with the pork in the bun, damn….you won't/can't stop eating them.

  6. I did this today but it came out really salty :S. I've compared this recipe to others but most of them only asked for few tablespoons of soy sauce whereas this was a little over a cup. Ended up transferring it to a crockpot to cook for 4 hours and the meat was very tender which was great :)

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