Chinese Bhel Recipe Video – Fusion Recipe by Bhavna


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  1. I don't get rice noodles. I did not have soy sauce, vinegar, chili sauce. I prepared with aloo bhujia, spring onion, carrot, pickle mixed with tomato ketchup.. Turned out pretty well. Thx for the new combo

  2. I buy some sauces from Indian grocers and some from walmart. Do not buy heinz brand but rather visit oriental aisle where you will see all kinds of sauces such as soy sauce, chilli sauce, stir fry, sweet sour…

  3. hey Bhavna, excellent recipe……from where did you get the chilli sauce and sweet and sour sauce…..plzz tell me which brand to buy…is it from walmart???…actually i bought heinz chilli sauce…but thts same as ketchup…but i guess the one your are using must be spicier…which is nice….tc and keep on the cooking

  4. This looks great! I will have to try this and maybe serve it with Gobi Manchurian when I try that too. πŸ™‚

    I am a white American and your videos really help me develop my Indian cooking which I love to share with my Desi friends. Thanks for posting!

  5. Hi Bhavna great recipe can you cook the carrot and cabbage in oil then mix the noodles?I will make this this afternoon.Thanks.Also i think it would be even better if you us HD camera makes videos amazing.

  6. Bhavna, you look smashing in this video It is pleasant to just watch you and get know about the preparations. Tell me the secret, how you get younger everyday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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