Chinese Beef Szechuan Recipe


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  1. So I see you liked this recipe so much you took the time to comment! I have no idea how to cook anything I do it all in Photoshop and use a Chef double. But you can't fool a keen eye like yours, you are some type of professional food critic, I am sure. I new a guy that worked in a local school cafeteria and got some of my best recipes from him, but he got fired. I cooked this cooked this Beef Szechuan and it was so hideous that I mailed it to my ex wife. She loved it ! Thanks for your incite!

  2. David thanks for your comment on this Chinese recipe for Szechuan Beef . You can never go wrong with these quick stir fry recipes. I have 50 more recipes that are as good as this and then this squid is out of ink.

  3. I live in the City too much noise but if you want to cook dishes and recipes like Szechuan Beef you need real heat. Very soon I will have the set up to do Chinese recipes right thanks Gumby!

  4. With my last 3 Asian wife's and spending a lot of time in Asia, I have learned to eat some pretty spicy food. When I was young I thought Black Pepper was spicy. I love eating and cooking many Asian recipes. If I go out for Chinese Food I often order this Beef Szechuan dish. My recipe is simple and to tell you the truth it's not that spicy.Thanks for your support.

  5. Joe, in America just like China there are many regional recipes. In Chinese the cuisine from the different provinces have their unique cooking techniques and tastes. In the Szechuan Province recipes feature a style of cooking that tend to be a bit more spicy. I particularly like this Szechuan Beef recipe, simple yet very tasty. Thanks to you my friend Jersey Joe for your review.

  6. You had me fooled, Glen! *lol*

    (I thought you were going to use your "stir fry sauce" from your last video)

    Looks very, very good! I never fully realized how many different types of Chinese cooking there are. (To me, they all seem the same). Thanks so much for all the work and thought that you put into making these videos for us out here in "YouTube Land"!


    All best and thumbs up once more, Jersey Joe 😉

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