Chinese Beef Noodle soup Lan Zhou Ramen Recipe [兰州牛肉面]


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  1. The process of simmering the beef bones and broth for many hours seems very similar to that used for making the Vietnamese soup known as Pho (pronounced Fuh). I 💗 pho, but it takes 7 – 8 hours to make, so I've never made it at home. Thank you, Mandy!

  2. you have shown quite a few differant soups which is your personal fav i know we all have one .also you said if we like to know more about you click up but cant find the button i am not great with computers i guessmi kept looking up lol.

  3. Just buy an (halal) Islamic meat, so that you will not need to wash the meat over and over again… (Cuz the blood is forbidden for Muslims that's why in halal meats there's no blood.)

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