Chinese Beef, Green peppers with Black Bean Sauce recipe by King Palace Chinese Restaurant


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  1. Nice man. Im just trolling the net seeing how others make this classic dish for westerners. I appreciate this, and if I'm ever over that way will stop in.

    Thanks mate.

  2. wow, i'm glad to see that i cook it almost the same. i need to use wine for the beef and add more water for the sauce. otherwise the same ingredients and same technique. thanks for teaching!!

  3. Great job,  Chef Jeff…..very clear and concise instructions… and lovely accent !!!For us folks in Canada, its not practical to have a hot flaming burner in our wood frame houses…some have gas burners though…. would be nice if you can adapt your recipes, e.g., cooking time, heat, etc. to the lower heat cooking…cheers!!

  4. the recipe is as easy as it can be. But the problem is my wok burner is not hot enough to get the "wok hei". thats why a real chinese cook can always make it better then a home cook because they have powerfull heat sources. I dont live in England so it is a bit far for me to travel to your restaurant.

  5. i would like to know witch brands of sauces u use, i see lee kum kee oyster sauce, the thin soy sauce i already have, and the soy sauce is 'the best' soy sauce? with the blue on the label

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