Chinese Beef Brisket Stew With Turnip: Authentic Chinese Recipe


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  1. where do we cook it? pressure cooker? beef tendon and tripe wont be cooked in just 2 hrs. it should take long hrs as i have been cooking it. after it boils i lower the fire so that it will cook softly the meat gets hard if high fire cooking unless you use pressure cooker

  2. My mom thinks she bought the pot in the 90's. But she can't remember exactly when because it was a long time ago. Thanks for viewing my video on Chinese Beef Brisket Stew With Turnip.

  3. You're right. I thought my mom was using a peeler but when I checked the video again, she was using a knife. A peeler is safer. Thanks for checking out my video on Chinese Beef Brisket Stew: Authentic Chinese Recipe.

  4. You're very welcome. Thanks for your comments. I'm happy to hear my videos with my mom reminds you of your childhood and the good times. Thanks for checking out my videos.

  5. …I just happened upon your site & it really reminds me of my childhood , my mother was from Canton , but I don't know much about where her village was , just my two older sisters got to be in China, & I'm here in Calif …I am in my 60s now & I really like the grounding feeling I get from watching your mom cook ……I don't cook as traditional now but I need a fix often , & this lets me remember the good times …..Thanks !

  6. For sure- this is a great dish that I have had in China as well. Your mom probably knows how to make this. The tendons and tripe is the tricky part because some people like it more tender and some people like it more chewy. Thanks for viewing this video.

  7. I'm sure your uncle will like this when you make it for him. People have different preference for the cooking time for tendons and tripe, so you might have to judge for yourself whether to cook these items longer or shorter. My mom and I thank you for checking out this video.

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