Chilli Pork—Spicy Stir-Fried Double-Cooked Pork Belly—Blue Poppy, Calcutta Style—Indian Pork Recipe


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  1. Music ta oshadharon actually. Ekta besh mischievous bhab ache much like the recipe which resonates fun and quirkiness.

    Oh and to those who feel like beef and pork is ruining their religion, here’s my request to I+S

    Aro anek anek BEEF AND PORK Calcutta recipes chai!!

  2. I am an ardent pork lover.. thank u for this recipe.. I have had great chilli porks in so many Calcutta restaurants.. but listening to the background music in this video I suddenly remember an extremely spicy dry chilli pork dish I had at a makeshift food joint near a flower garden in gangtok.. just remembered everything! snow-capped mountains, bright sunshine, colourful flowers n red eyed me gobbling on the chilli pork! 🙂

  3. Saptarshi and Insiya. Lovely video as usual. The good news is I will be in Kolkata soon to taste the inspiration as they say. 😂. Also the first time I met at Insiya was in Blue Poppy. The Middleton row one. 😊.

  4. Thank you so much for this. I absolutely loved this recipe. I'm an avid pork lover and I obviously love Doma ma'am's Blue poppy.
    Btw, Please try and upload a recipe of " Roasted chilli pork " or roasted pork anything for that matter. Roasting in a pan is quite a technique!

  5. I don't know but that music which used to play before was so much more soothing and with that music and your recipes both go like hand in hand 🙁 I missed that speciality 💖💖

  6. Long emo post ahead: You guys have created a beautiful channel. I wait for your upload every friday. I do not understand why some people have to crib about a pork recipe,because they may simply ignore it and not spit venom in their comments. I am not big on pork, but i still enjoyed the beautiful way in which you presented it. I dont frequently comment /gush how impressive you are. This is probably a first. But I just had to write so you know there are many fans and they would love for you to continue what you clearly do the best.

  7. I don’t eat pork. But still it’s a kind of addiction to watch ur videos. N u guys are doing a great job. I have already tried making 90% of ur dishes. All thanks to u 😉

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