Chickpea Tofu – French Panisse Recipe Demo – Vegan Snack – Burmese Snack


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  1. How is this "tofu"? Tofu is made with soybeans. This recipe is made with chickpeas, which are not soybeans, and thus cannot be "tofu". The recipes you are discussing and showing already have names from the various peoples and cultures that make this make this base recipe and then people add ingredients that flavor the chickpea dough to cultural tastes. Still, this is NOT a "tofu".
    Misinformation is worse than not knowing. I've read comments from people who don't have and/or don't use chickpea flour so they use flour from made from quinoa or buckwheat and then claim they made panisse or socca. NO, they did not make panisse or socca because they did not use chickpea flour, which is THE ingredient that makes panisse or socca. It's as ridiculous as saying, "I made meatloaf, but I used tofu only and no meat." Well then, that's not meatloaf is it? No, it's not. That would be a baked tofu dish that might resemble meatloaf, but it's not MEATloaf.

    NO soybeans, no tofu. 🙂

  2. I am Indian, and we have been using this dish for a long time. After frying the squares we put it in a gravy and have it with rice. We do not use chick pea but a smaller version called Bengal gram dal. We soak it for 4 to 5 hours put it in a blender and then it is the same recipe as yours.

  3. It is known as Burmese tofu. I'm sorry but you didn't read up and come up with this recipe. This recipe I have seen done a hundred times and you have not invented any of this I thought you might be this way when I noticed the title but I clicked anyway. Everybody adds onion powder and garlic powder and salt and most people add turmeric with it. SMH

  4. Awesomeness. The flour is also called besan, and can be found in the ethnic aisle or at Indian grocery stores. This type of tofu, btw, isn't bad for you like acidifying GMO corn or carcinogenic soy loaded with phytoestrogens.

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