Chicken Wonton Soup 雞餛飩湯, A Chinese Recipe with Over 2000 Years of History by CiCi Li


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  1. I have tried to make about 5 different Chinese recipes this weekend and they all turned out terrible. This one looks simple enough that I think I can even get it right. So I'm gonna give it a try before I give up on trying to become a Chinese chef 👨‍🍳 lol

  2. You should try to make kreplach which is very much like wonton but from Eastern Europe, see if you think it's very similar. There's a kreplach chicken soup or fried.

  3. this recipe looks delish it would be good to add up some vegetables sush as zuchini carrots and bokchoy. thanks for sharing I'll make it for my children next weekend 💯

  4. That looked delicious. Thank you for the video you made it look so easy. I can not wait to make this for my family. The weather is getting cooler, perfect for delicious hot soup.

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