Chicken Stew Recipe –A Moroccan Chicken tagine


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  1. Next time, try adding 2 major ingredients (to complete the authentic Moooo-roccan recipe) and I guarantee you all will love it: Preserved lemon in the middle of cooking and chopped cilantro towards last minute of cooking. Preserved lemon can be found in wholefoods. Great stuff guys!!! enjoy!

  2. Will try this recipe, easy and looks great!Two yrs ago I was really into Moroccan food and learned how to make preserved lemons for my dishes, they R expensive to buy and easy to make! Anyway my favorite spice store is in Seattle U guys should check it out. World Spice Merchants at 1809 Western Ave. not far from the Market. One spice I buy while there is called Khmeli-Suneli very nice blend of Moroccan type spice! Like it so much got it for Christmas one year, they sell teas herbs too! ;D

  3. The stores around here have about as much of a variety of different spices and foods as a turn of the century trading post….Wanted to make chinese barbeque pork loin and they never heard of rice wine or bean curd or chinese five spice….They did have the hoisin sauce and honey though….Got to drive to a bigger city i guess…

  4. A cooking video with some real 'sanguine' in there! Is that off-putting? Or appetite enhancing? Or just realistic?

    May be appetizing for those Vampire folk living in 'Bon Temps'.
    I just think it is realistic as I can't handle a zester without contracting at least one serious injury during the cooking experience.

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