Chicken Sanju Baba Recipe | Sanjay Dutt Chicken Recipe | Noor Mohammadi Hotel Recipe | Varun Inamdar


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  1. i went the same hotel noor mohamaddi once….
    where sanjay dutt has asked the chef to make chicken …. as per sanju baba own made recipe…

    it waz ok in taste not so authentic…
    too conjusted the restaurant….

  2. Thank you so much.All your recipe with exact accurate directions are simply perfect.i tried it out ..Got thumbs up from all my family members.I tried out paneer do pyaza .It also came out so well.Thank you so much.Rajshri food production…All your work is super awesome

  3. Tried this yesterday.. but with a small modification and believe me guys it was just awesome.
    I added a bit of sugar to nullify the sour taste which I don't like much, and added a bit of chopped garlic in the oil before adding onions.. that's also because I like the taste of garlic… And crushed peeper once after adding curd and thn just after switching off the flame. This mod I did as per my taste.. bt if u like the sour taste.. u can go as it is. Will love the taste I bet

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