Chicken Saltimbocca dinner recipe video | Italian recipe


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  1. Nuzman Paul (translated as "melt in your mouth") Saltim mean jump -bocca mouth.
    Veal Cutlets With Prosciutto and Sage (Saltimbocca alla Romana) … most classic Roman dishes: thin veal cutlets topped with slices of prosciutto and fresh sage ..don't play with classic Roman dishes(named differently not Saltimbocca)
    Big Guy don't play classic Roman dish???????

  2. Looks delicious Big Guy. The prosciutto is the common thread but, Saltimbocca (translated as "melt in your mouth") it is not! Whatever you list it as, on your menu, I hope you explain that it is not the traditional recipe most expect when ordering. I look forward to seeing more from you and your "spin" on classic cuisine.

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