Chicken Recipe – Spatchcocked Chicken with Glazed Vegetables


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  1. Kudos, Chef, I just made and ate this for the first time. It's great both as a delicious dish and as a way of learning a little applied cooking science. This dish takes an old-fashioned (think Pilgrims and Indians) American dish to a whole new level. Brilliant stroke! I've never had chicken more moist, tender, and flavorful, in any style.

  2. Ur modified grip with index and middle finger i find myself using a lot on my 9 1/2 global but my home knifes a 8 inch and i use reg pinch. I started the habit of ur modified and now its soo comfortable for me

  3. Fantastic way to cook a whole chicken. Serving 4 – 6 with only 30 minutes of prep time is amazing. And the taste was incredible. Second recipe (first were the short ribs) I have tried from you and both have been spectacular.

  4. This is truly art. I am impressed by this recipe. The taste must be otherwordly.
    The only thing I don't like so much is that it's a bit involved, but on the other hand, as you said, it can be simplified using less steps or ingredients. For instance I'm sure that once the chicken comes out of the oven (6:32), the meal is already very good.

  5. My brother made this for Christmas Eve dinner and it was such a hit. When he told me that he found the recipe on YouTube, I decided to make it myself for dinner tonight and it was AWESOME! My neighbor just asked me to share the recipe with her too. This will definitely be added to my regular meal schedule. 

  6. I just made glazed vegetables using this method and added bacon into the mix, and it was literally the best meal I've ever cooked myself! I absolutely loved it, so thank you so much and hope to see some new videos from you soon.  

  7. Use a large saute pan. A dutch oven is too deep. Any all metal saute pan (like the one used in this video) will be safe for your oven. Just make sure you don't use a saute pan with a plastic handle. A large cast iron pan will also work well for this technique.

  8. Everything looks doable, however, I'm wondering about the pan in the oven. How do I know if my pan will work in the oven? Is this a special pan? I have a large dutch oven pot. Will that work too?

    Thank you!

  9. It turned out great! we had 2 days worth of food in the end! I added some Pearl Barley, Lemon Grass and Courgettes ( Zucchini?) to the vegetables. like I said, this is a new favourite! 😀

  10. Yeah, chicken and vegetables: one of the most cost effective yet delicious things you can cook at home, especially when using this approach. Let me know how yours turns out.

  11. I'd like to actually shoot more of these videos since we covered a lot of basic and advanced techniques. It's one thing to see how I put together a restaurant dish, but when it's my day off, it's all about simple, tasty and (mostly) healthy stuff. Like I mentioned in another comment, I plan on shooting a few videos on home made pizza.

  12. Shoot me an e-mail and we'll chat. Finding that work/life balance is always a struggle. It's easier when they're too young for school because then they can be on your schedule. I'm not sure yet how I'm going to swing it once my daughter starts kindergarten, but there's always a way.

  13. Thanks again for the correction. I put an annotation in the video and edit the video description to correct this mistake. I would have re-posted the video, but there were already so many comments I didn't want those to get deleted as well.

  14. Didn't know you had a daughter Chef…awesome! Would like to chat with you some time to see how you go about balancing time with your wife and daughter and work…I have a 2 year old son and work 60+ hours at the restaurant a week…

  15. I don't normally cook in whites at home, but it just seemed a lot easier than worrying about what I was going to wear. The chicken stock that I use is Organic Kirkland Brand (Costco). It doesn't contain a lot of salt so reducing isn't an issue. The giblets were added with the root vegetables and stock before roasting.

  16. Hey Jacob, I too love a good roast chicken and loved the editing when you slice the shallot. Great aliasing effect. Do you typically wear the chef's whites when you cook at home? I know there are a lot of veggies, but I would guess that reducing that much commercial stock would make everything too salty. Was it low salt or do you have a good brand recommendation? I also didn't catch how the giblets were introduced.

  17. Great video, Jacob! Please keep them coming as I totally love watching you cook and listening to your voice. I never tire of it! I've been cooking whole chickens in a very similar manor for years (although I covered mine, but now I'll do it your way, uncovered) and it was wonderful to see a professional do it but do it better!

  18. It was dinner for me, my wife, and daughter (who is only three and a half). The nice thing about this dish is all the ingredients, including the chicken, will cost you around $30-$40, but will easily feed six. The next day, I'll add the vegetables and diced, left over chicken to some stock and make a soup. Or I'll dice everything up, place it in a cast iron pan, cover with a home made pie crust, (3-2-1), and make a pot pie. The left overs will also make a great chicken salad and/or sandwich.

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