Chicken Provençal – MUCH MORE FLAVOR than the Classic French Recipe


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  1. Just made this with the exact ingredients you suggested, although I had to grind my own yellow pea flour and forage wild sorrel. I'm so suprised with the flavors. It just tastes like regular chicken flavoured with herbs except super, super intense and ridiculously addictive, like what I imagine chicken tastes like if you haven't had anything to eat for two days. I'm definitely gonna make this again.

  2. Made it twice. Once with drumsticks, once with thighs.
    Thighs needed more oven time.
    Second time used more spices. Used the entire amount of mixed French herbs and more of the "Provençal mix".
    Also on the second attempt, tried adding wood smoked black pepper on top of the smoked salt (just a bit). I liked it!

    First I'll say I've never had this dish before so I have nothing to compare it to so can't comment on whether it has more flavour than the original.
    I like it a lot. It's different in many ways that I like because it's surprising but interesting. In a strange way it reminds me of drinking good whisky and having to go through the process of opening the flavour with time, water, etc, and as you do so you then discover further flavours.

    My wife said that you're a master of chicken dishes as they are all splendid.

    Also, really enjoyed the process of making it… again, very different so it's fun.

  3. OK, getting ready to making this.
    A question…
    I don't have a problem getting Summer Savoury so I can make my own Herbes de Provence Mix.
    However, I looked at a few products and they all have Basil and tarragon as well and your mix does not.
    Is there a reason for it?
    obviously I will use whatever you recommend.

    Other than that I will need to check the market for Sorrel but if it's not in season I'll have to wait until it is.

  4. Hey Chef!
    If I find wild sorrel on Saturday I will make this! Still I have got some questions.
    1) If I can't find roasted pea flour, does it also work with chick pear flour or should I just use plain flour then?
    2) I have recently bought martini extra dry as a cooking vermouth you recommended. Will it still be good?
    3) Which side dishes go with this?

    Thank you and I wish you all the best with your new project in helsinki. Tell us the restaurant name if it's ready.

  5. Apart from the baking dish being small, where you place the grapes and the flour mixture to dry them out in the oven, does it also have to be made out of stainless steel metal? Or can I use a ceramic dish, the one i used for Lasagna?

  6. Thanks Chef, This was very good, even without the grains of paradise and pea flour…and my seasoning mix came out more like a seasoning paste…I was up against the clock LOL. I thought I had screwed it all up…but it STILL came out amazing. My wife wants me to make it again for our next party! I have your cookbook and have done at least half a dozen of your recipes, and I think I like this best, it is relatively easy(even though I screwed up) and got really good results the first time….Now a question when I was looking for Rye flour for the veal scallopini I found chick pea flour is that a good substitute for the pea flour? Or should I just stick to regular flour?

  7. Chef,

    Recipe looks great, will definitely be giving it a go.

    One somewhat related question: How are you cleaning the spice mill?

    I've had issues with flavor retention from cloves and fennel seed. Currently, the fennel is the issue. It left a sticky residue that I just can't seem to remove.


  8. Coach, I suggest you add wording like "Master Chef" to your videos to get more views. Your shit is dope and it's a shame millions don't watch your videos. You are and deserve the title, right viewers?

  9. Could you make Pea Flour by simply grinding dried split peas? Could you substitute Garbanzo Bean Flour, or is the chemistry specific to the molecular contents of peas? Obtaining fresh Sorrel might be tough (good thing it is optional). How about if I just used Parsley… it's common and you can add it to darn near anything! OK, maybe not. I had to look up Grains of Paradise as I was not familiar with it. It sounds like a very tasty spice. I'm eager to try out this recipe once I amass all the ingredients.

  10. I don't have sorrel in my garden this year and fat chance finding it around here . I was wondering if I might even sub like a few pieces of super sour gummie bears for it…..I KNOW>>I KNOW   lol. But with a dash of tarragon and maybe 1 mint leaf, it might work…….need a bigger herb garden lol.

  11. Greg, I always ask myself "how the hell does he come up with these ideas???" This recipe and that pomodoro sauce where you drop tomatoes and Passata into hot olive oil and Carmelize it (which by the way is really freaking good!!!) maybe in your next book you can write a chapter on your process of developing a recipe? Or a separate book? And in a sea of cookbooks available, I've never seen one on how to create your own unique recipes.

  12. This is the first time so far I think maybe you've gone bonkers, Chef Greg. Since Vol. 3 isn't out yet, I have to just trust you that this isn't a delayed April fool's prank! Just kidding, I know it's going to be great, but this seems absolutely crazy.

    More of these tricks you never see in cookbooks or on shows, please! We will take the time to make the precursors, we all promise!

  13. Looks like a great recipe. Hope to try it soon!

    I was wondering if you had any experience "de-rusting" carbon steel. A guest let my carbon steel frypan soak in water and it rusted. I'm not quite sure the best way to restart the pan. (A bit of a tangent, but you seem to always have a great answer!)

  14. This is going to be one of those dishes that have many flavors at one time. It also seems like to a kitchen cook like me, I better be careful, it might burn easy. But as you already know I have to try this dish now! lol

  15. Pea flour and Grains of Paradise were unknown to me. What might other recipes they could augment? Guinea pepper is something in need to try. I remember Sorrel leaves tasting – umh – unpleasant – perhaps we had the wrong species?

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