Chicken Pot Pie Recipe Demonstration –


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  1. You made my life so much easier with the aluminium foil containers .. its so much cheaper ( especially when you're makin it for the first time.. ), awesome recipe, its chicken pot pie with soul an I really enjoyed watching you make it ..I may just use corns though lol,Thank you and Godbless you :)

  2. I thought all purpose flour was different than plain flour. I'm so confused, someone help! I'm from India am we have different gradients of flour here, as compared to over there. What we commonly use is whole wheat flour which is generally healthier than all purpose flour with high gluten content. Can someone explain the difference though?

  3. I made this for dinner the other night and it was delicious!! Thank you. I'm trying the Hash Brown Muffin cups next. Please make more savory dishes if you can. Your recipes are foolproof and awesome tasting.

  4. if you were to cook this with raw chicken, at what point would you put them in? if you put it with the veggies etc at the beginning, will it soon become overcooked by the time you put it in the oven, especially with the long oven time?

  5. One of my favourite comfort foods. Like you, I prefer the pastry crust over the more common (but quicker) commercial puff pastry I see more often on-line these days. Thanks for the recipe.

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