Chicken Pot Pie – Healthy, Easy to Make from Scratch


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  1. She must not have received the bees flash about cholesterol. Animal fats that you consume is not the cause for hardening of the arteries, according to the latest research! The doctors were misinformed previously. Butter is extremely healthy for us!

  2. Personally, I've found the crust Recipe (excellent tasting !!!!) always too dry for me to roll out (I've made it 3 times now)…I would rather mix in a Food Processor and add a Table Spoon of water until it gets moister and gathers together …everything else about this recipe is AWESOME. ( The Crust Recipe could be "perfect" somewhere else, but it doesn't work where I live, high temps and low humidity).

  3. This is not a comlaint, I'm just curious is all. What, if anything is wrong with using butter in pastry ?. Is butter the nwe thing that's bad for you, or is it simply personal taste ?.

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