Chicken Piccata Recipe – How to Make Chicken Piccata – Chicken with Lemon Caper Sauce


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  1. Hey Chef John…..I usually have substantially more wine and lemon juice and I usually place the chicken in the pan to finish cooking. The breeding really helps creat a more smoother sauce. I also add a bit of the caper juice along with the lemon juice to add to the piquantness.

  2. I tasted capers for the first time when I lived in Italy. "Ewww!" I thought when I saw them. Little green buggie things. Then I stopped being an ugly American and tasted. The whole world opened up to the taste of the Med. I could easily live out my days on the Med diet.

  3. This guy understands! Why should I pour in 1 cup flour just to use 1/4 of it??? For convenience??? I don't care. I'm already in the process of cooking — convenience does not exist.

    Edit: I sometimes cook vegan. Because chicken breasts are pretty boring, you can easily substitute in seitan — you're not going to miss out much. Find a seitan recipe and try it. Not recommended for any other cuts of chicken or meat.

  4. I worked in Italian saute for almost 20 years. Piccata has capers and mushrooms, you don't need to remove the chicken breasts when you deglaze, and you should be using chicken stock instead of water. Also, many chefs will insist piccata should have no butter, because adding butter just ends up making franchese with capers..

  5. If you MUST…You could use chopped green olives in place of capers, but it wont be the same dish. It will add a similar level of salt and color but not the same picante flavors…just a thought if you absolutely hate capers!

  6. Just made this. So perfect. I doubled the recipe and it turned out great. The tip to mash half the capers was amazing. I served this over wheat pasta. I will never pay for this dish at a restaurant again. 😍😋

  7. Hey that is easy. I need to work on sauces more. I love picatta. One of the best steaks i ever had in a restaurant was a steak picatta in a good Italian place. Something about the lemon/butter/caper sauce is great. I wonder if some garlic would be a good addition, or would it clash with the capers?

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