Chicken noodle soup | Healthy recipes


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  1. I'm doing a pantry challenge right now to rotate and use what is buried and needs to be used up an cooked or tossed out along with a bunch of other people in a canning group I have joined, which basically means I'm on strike from buying food this month and resigned to using what is in my pantry, freezes and fridges, yes, (eye roll) I have two fridges and a freezer in the garage too, but we are not Jewish or keep kosher just daughter moved and we inherited hers to put overflow in, don't know why but the second fridge is always referred too as the beer fridge here in the USA.
    I have some chicken in my pantry that I canned along with beef chunks and pork. Canning food is fun and if there is ever a zombie apocalypse, I'm set up for a little while I hope or till the cavalry arrives to rescue us. Chicken noodle soup is on my challenge list now 😍

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