Chicken – How to Make Puerto Rican Stewed Chicken Recipe (Pollo Guisado) [Episode 048]


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  1. Just found your page.. Making this as I type. It smells so good, in here. I wish you posted the recipe in writing below.. This weekend I'll make the sofrito fresh , I got it in frozen section of the store.., I know it's in jar, but thought this would be better.. Thank you. 😋

  2. I just wanted to say that I tried this dish a few days. Because I love trying new and different foods from all around the world. So I got this idea instead of paying lots of money all the time for take out. I said to myself I'll give YouTube a try. And I just have to say that this dish was Awesome!!! It was flavorful and the spices were; there are no words to really describe it but Delicious! I did not add anything or take away from it. I did actually what you said to do. To anyone wanting to try something new give this a try; its worth it. It tastes even better the next day. Thank you!!!!!!

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