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  1. Using steak, it's chicken fried steak… Using chicken, it's called chicken fried chicken… Trying to make money on vids without having the correct knowledge, and acting like you're a chef is just irritating and a disrespect to real chef's… So, thumbs down!

  2. Did you see how filthy and dirty was his hands. Like a caveman 2 sticks to beat the eggs. Also what was steak about it ? All stuff comes from any food store. Same as at home nothing special accept he cooked it outside on open fire. Why is this such a big deal ?

  3. Um… this is not chicken fried steak. Still a awesome video as always! But a chicken fried steak is made with… um… steak. Or at least a steak-like cut of beef. Cooked exactly how you did the chicken here tho! Always love your videos. 🙂

  4. Hi there, will you start to sell your mixing bowl,it looks amazing. I bought your knife 🔪 that is awesome as well.
    Awaiting your response with baited breath. Cheers 👍.Bad

  5. Ok ok ok but did you killed the chicken for getting the meat ? Because in all "home made" fried chickens recipe or videos i never seen a person kill it for getting the meat that way , not talking bout this vid but btw is just my opinion

  6. Hmmmmmmm, where is the chicken fried steak; "steak" is the key word to this dish, which should be the key ingredient. I'm truly dumbfounded!? It should be a piece of steak breaded, then fried like chicken should be. But anyways, great job guys, for always putting on a show when dealing with cooking.

  7. I kept thinking, he didn’t wash his hands, so it’s safe to bet he didn’t wash that knife or the cutting board after exposing them to raw chicken. Being in the service industry has ruined my chances of ever enjoying this wonderful video without thinking: “Omg, BACTERIA!” Great recipe though. I would love to cook with such a great view, but I am a slave to convenience lol

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