Chicken Fried Rice Recipe | Easy To Make Chinese Recipe | Indian Style Chicken Fried Rice Recipe


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  1. In chicken fried rice they use scrambled eggs not shredded omlattee… And scrambled eggs should be prepared after cooking fried rice… You made it in the beginning itself.. Anda to thanda ho jayega madam.. And what's the point in adding soya sauce in eggs… Soya sauce rice mein waise bhi hai… Even your cooking boneless chicken cubes along with veggies doesn't make much sense because chicken breast cannot be cooked for long or else it turns out to be hard and chewy.. So cook it separately and add it in the end..

  2. Hi, lovely work there but when I tried this recipe I couldn't seem to taste that chinese factor which comes in when Ajinomoto I put in, could you suggest any substitute for ajinomoto?

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